(b) Published Poetry Books

Force of Circumstance and Other Poems. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1962.


Kitchen Poems. London: Cape Goliard Press, 1968; New York: Grossman Publishers Inc., 1968.


Day  Light  Songs. Pampisford, Cambridgeshire: R. Books, 15th June 1968.


Aristeas. London: Ferry Press, 1968.


The White Stones. Lincoln: Grosseteste Press, 1969.


Fire Lizard. Barnet, Hertfordshire: Blacksuede Boot Press, New Year’s Day 1970.


Brass. London: Ferry Press, 1971.


Into the Day. Cambridge: privately printed (distributed through Ferry Press), 1972.


A Night Square. London: Albion Village Press, 1973.


Wound Response. Cambridge: Street Editions, 1974.


Poèmes de Cuisine. [French translation of Kitchen Poems, by B. Dubourg and J.H. Prynne] Damazan (Lot-et-Garonne): privately printed, 1975.


Chansons à la Journée-Lumière. [French translation of Day  Light  Songs, by B. Dubourg] Damazan: privately printed, 1975.


Lézard de Feu. [French translation of Fire Lizard, by B. Dubourg] Damazan: privately printed, 1975.


High Pink on Chrome. Cambridge: privately printed (distributed through Ferry Press), 1975.


News of Warring Clans. London: Trigram Press, 1977.


Oripeau Clinquaille. [French translation of Brass, by B. Dubourg and J. H. Prynne] Paris: Po&sie, 3 (1977), Librarie Classique Eugène Belin.


Down where changed. London: Ferry Press, 1979.


Du Nouveau dans la Guerre des Clans. [French translation of News of Warring Clans, by B. Dubourg and J. H. Prynne] Damazan: privately printed, 1980.


Poems. Edinburgh and London: Agneau 2, 1982.


The Oval Window. Cambridge: privately printed, 1983.


Marzipan. [with Massepain, French translation of Marzipan, by B. Dubourg and J. H. Prynne] Cambridge: Poetical Histories, 2; printed and distributed by Peter Riley (Books), 1986.


Bands Around the Throat. Cambridge: privately printed (distributed through Ferry Press), 1987. Printed in two different impressions.


Sand og Kobber. [Norwegian translation of selected poems, by Torleiv Grue] Oslo: Forlaget Oktober, 1989.


Word Order. Kenilworth: Prest Roots Press, 1989.


[Jie ban mi Shi Hu]. [from author-holograph, in original Chinese] Cambridge: Poetical Histories, 22; printed and distributed by Peter Riley (Books), 1992.


Not-You. Cambridge: Equipage, 1993.


Her Weasels Wild Returning. Cambridge: Equipage, 1993.


For the Monogram. Cambridge: Equipage, 1997.


Red D Gypsum. Cambridge [Mass.]: Barque Press, 1998.


Pearls That Were. Cambridge: privately printed (distributed through Equipage), 1999.


Poems. South Fremantle, Western Australia: Fremantle Arts Centre Press / Folio (Salt); Newcastle-on-Tyne: Bloodaxe, 1999.


Triodes. Cambridge: Barque Press, 1999.


Unanswering Rational Shore. Glasgow: Object Permanence, 2001.


The Oval Window. [unaltered reprint of the 1983 text, designed by Ian Friend] Brisbane: Brisbane City Council, 2002.


Acrylic Tips. Cambridge: Barque Press, 2002.


Furtherance. [unaltered reprint of Red D Gypsum; Pearls That Were; Triodes; Unanswering Rational Shore] Great Barrington, Mass.: The Figures, 2004. [printed November 2003]


Zou jin Jian-qiao: er shi shi ji Ying Mei shi ge jingo xuan. [ = Selected Readings of 20th Century English and American poetry, translated by Zhimin Li; contains Pearls That Were in English and in Chinese translation, also includes CD and VCD of author-reading of this work] Guangzhou [PR China]: Guangdong shoeing yu yan yin xiang chi ban she, 2003: 196-237; CD 2, track 15 [16 min 50 sec]; VCD track 16 [unknown timing]. The audio recording, consistent with all the tracks on the two CDs, unfortunately contains a background medley of light classical music, including the entry at 7.15 of ‘Con te partirò’.


Biting the Air. Cambridge: Equipage, 2003.


Poems. North Fremantle, Western Australia: Fremantle Arts Centre Press; Newcastle-on-Tyne: Bloodaxe, 2005.


Poems | Gedichte [German translation of selected poems, by Ulf Stolterfoht and Hans Thill (bilingual edition)] Heidelberg: Verlag das Wunderhorn, 2007.


To Pollen. London: Barque Press, 2006 [2nd printing, 2009].


101 Poems. [Chinese translation of selected poems, by Li Zhimin (and others?) (bilingual edition)] Guangzhou: English Poetry Studies Institute, 2008.


Streak~~~Willing~~~Entourage / ‘Artesian’. London: Barque Press, 2009.


Pu Ling-en shi xuan: Han Ying dui zhao [ = Selected Poems by J. H. Prynne]. Edited by Ou Hong, translated by English Poetry Studies Institute (bilingual edition). Guangzhou: Zhongshan da xue chu ban she, 2010. [includes both poetry and prose, as well as essays by Ou Hong, Cao Shanke, Zhimin Li, Chen Shangzhen, and a list of publications of J.H. Prynne studies in China].


Sub Songs. London: Barque Press, 2010.


Kazoo Dreamboats; or, On What There Is. Cambridge: Critical Documents, 2011.


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